Tierra Michelle, born & raised in Philadelphia, PA has a great passion for natural hair. She is the proud owner and founder of T Miche’ Collection which was established in September 2020. Tierra has transitioned into natural hair over 11 years ago and has performed intensive research on how to properly master the maintenance of various hair types and damaged hair. She established T Miche’ Collection to assist individuals who may suffer hair loss due to autoimmune diseases, post pregnancy, and/or other medical conditions that may result in hair loss. Tierra thrives on helping individuals grow their confidence by growing their hair beautifully and confidently. T Miche’ Collection is partnered with the largest black owned beauty supply store, 4th Ave Market and also partnered with MyHairToo Worldwide in which is an international online beauty supply store.

  • Through research she found that the iron in Moringa brings oxygen to the roots, the zinc in Moringa stimulates hair growth and the essential amino acids in Moringa builds healthy hair strands. She then realized that Moringa was her life savior for her natural strands. A combination of various natural oils, moringa, and vitamin E brought her hair to life. The handcrafted oil not only made her hair grow many inches but also made her hair healthier, shinier, and fuller. Tierra Michelle envisioned T Miche' Collection to help women, men, and children to not only grow a healthy head full of hair but to also help revitalize damaged hair.